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The Road to the Briar Patch

The Childhood of Joel Chandler Harris

Young Joel Chandler Harris is a precocious boy who loves to hide in the loft of the livery stable and gobble up Aunt Betsy's ginger-cakes in his small town of Eatonton, Georgia. Soon, he's given a big opportunity when he's accepted as a printer's apprentice at the nearby Turnwold Plantation. His new friends, along with the old Brer Rabbit folklore that he hears, help mold the insecure young boy into a well-loved young man and turn a Printer's Devil into one of the most famous writers in United States history. This is Joel Chandler Harris's Road to the Briar Patch. Well researched and told with a filmmaker's eye for detail, this book will immerse you in the story of Joel's young life. True biographical stories of his childhood are told here in a story form. Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations help bring the characters to life. And, "Deeper in the Briar Patch: Questions and Answers for Curious Minds" helps the reader to delve deeper with interesting and enriching details. Readers of all ages will fall in love with Joel and all of his friends as they delve into this wonderful, creative- nonfiction book.

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