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Disney Queues are the first act of any Disney ride.  They set the stage and begin immediately to immerse the guest in the story in which they are about to jump.  Take time to look around.  Walk slowly and read the clues!  You never know what you'll find!


 As we enter the queue for Splash Mountain, we begin our transition to late 1800's Georgia starting outdoors.

 Meandering through the rough-hewn fences, we notice bird houses and chipmunk houses scattered about.   These miniature residences resemble human homes complete with mailboxes and fresh paint, and are situated among brightly colored plants and flowers.  Don't miss the clue that we've entered the world of critters!  If we pause quietly for a moment, we may even hear the home-owners chit chatting inside.

 Next, we wind our way into a barn filled with period pottery, rugs and farm equipment. The barn is our transport back in time to the late 1800s and Chick-a-pen hill!

 After we exit the barn we turn a corner then ascend a flight of stairs. As we take a glance around we notice we're in the upstairs portion of the barn.  This is a world where critters and folks live together, apparently.

 Turning another corner we catch a glimpse of the outdoors. Buildings surround the barn we are visiting.

 Suddenly, our trek leads us to inside Chick-a-pen Hill.  The walls have turned to red, Georgia mud and, looking around we see a large warning sign in the form of “Rabbit Tales” newspaper.  We see Br'er Frog's home.  He's relaxing in his rocking chair, chatting happily to himself.  He's just out of our sight but we catch a glimpse of his shadow.

 Pictures hanging on the walls that we pass include family photos and heirlooms of the residents here:  Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear, among others.  Homespun embroidery also adorns the walls with quotes from “Song of the South.”   The animals of this tale live on, in and around Chick-a-pen Hill.

 From inside the hill to the loading dock we go, where we board our log and set off in search of our Laughing Place!



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Made with Adobe Muse

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