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Come on an  Adventure!

Embark on a magical journey though the history and fantasy of a Disney attraction! Join Mary Blair and Christian as they travel back in time and learn about the origins of some of Disney's most loved rides! Learn about the backstory of the ride, the details of the attraction, and the history of the story. If you love Disney, or if you love history, this is for you! We will also link to outside resources for further learning.. Have fun and check back regularly for more exciting content coming soon!

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Splash Mountain


Big Thunder Mountain Adventure

What is an Adventure?

A Pencils and Pixie Dust Adventure is a multi-media trip through time, beginning at the Happiest Place on Earth: Walt Disney World!  Read, watch, and (most importantly of all) LISTEN your way through history!  You will enjoy interesting articles, Queue Tips (a stroll through the queue), exciting audio stories, Pencil Points (fast facts about the ride and it's history), Ebooks and more!

Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle and away we go!



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