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We are a Walt Disney World LOVING family!  Between the five of us and the grandparents that always join us for the fun, we've collectively logged over 45 week-long experiences at the most magical place on Earth! Each vacation is magical in its own way and we look forward to repeats of favorites and exploration of new adventures with each trip we make.


We also are a home schooling family that loves to make a learning experience out of everything we do!


This website is a reflection of our style of enjoying the magic and helping our children (and ourselves!) enjoy each trip to the fullest extent!  It's also a part of our own homeschool curriculum as we all participate in building and dreaming like Walt Disney himself.


Pencils and Pixie Dust can be used and enjoyed in many ways. Some are:

1. As a planning and preparation tool to get your family excited about an upcoming adventure to Walt Disney World: The further out you plan the better prepared and the more area you can cover before you go, so take advantage of our information that is updated regularly, taking an in depth look at a new attraction with each new update.  Listen to our fun, audio adventures and delve into the links we provide for more up-close information about the attractions.

2. As a homeschool unit study curriculum: You can study American history in a fun, interactive way that is exciting to your students of all ages using our website! Take as much time exploring each stop along the way as we travel through history by way of the Walt Disney World Railroad! This unit study is beneficial for elementary through high school as we ourselves are homeschooling across the ages!

3. A quick way to see an overview of the Walt Disney World attractions, their history and background.  Check us out while you're there!  Read our synopsis and gain a deeper appreciation of these detailed attractions!


There is so much to explore between the four parks that comprise Walt Disney World, as well as all of the amazingly themed resorts, but this adventure will begin in our favorite place to begin: the Magic Kingdom, where pixie dust makes regular kids fly and every day is a reason for a parade and fireworks!


We have seen so many families spend money and time to plan a vacation to Walt Disney World, only to be disappointed in the result.  There are crowds.  It's expensive.  There were elements that their kids weren't familiar with and neither parents nor kids could appreciate.


There are crowds because it's wonderful!  And, we all know we pay for attention to detail.  Our method of preparation has always produced happy, excited kids who understand what they are experiencing and love it more and more each time!   Our kids are building family memories with their parents and siblings that will be long-lasting and carry over into adulthood.  They all look upon each trip as a new and exciting adventure with new experiences each and every time.


A pinch of preparation results in happy participation by kids and parents alike!


Keep in mind that this is a work in progress.  Our family is building this site slowly with attention to detail and as a family, homeschool project.  We'll work hard to keep our adventure on track, adding more content each month.


Our family wants to help you and yours make the most of your next trip to the World, whether it's your first or one of many and whether you're 1 or 100!  Come with us! Hop aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad for a fun, exciting and enlightening time!  Grab your pencil!  You might want to jot down some notes!  You never know when you may be the sudden recipient of a splash of pixie dust!  Here we go!!!!!

Our favorite place to to begin: The Magic Kingdom, where pixie dust make regular kids fly and every day is a reason for a parade and fireworks!

A pinch of preparation results in happy participation by kids and parents alike.

Meet the Pencils and Pixie Dust Creator and Webmaster


The head Mousketeer at PencilsandPixiedust.com is none other than a 16 year old homeschooled student and entrepreneur!  She bought the domain and began the long process of dreaming up her business, researching, writing and planning at 14 years old.  She is a student of filmmaking, having made several films with special effects, including a year-long project, resulting in a full-length movie she filmed, edited and premiered at 13 years old.  She's worked on professional sets around her hometown and has been involved as an apprentice in film and editing since she was just 11.  Her love for bringing stories to life began with a “Windows Movie Maker” project at the tender age of 8!   What began as a project to practice inserting Foley (audio sound effects) grew and became the website you are visiting!  She hopes you enjoy her Audio Adventures with Mary Blair and Christian and all of PencilsandPixieDust.com!


Contact us at: info@pencilandpixiedust.com

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